xplanetFX renders high quality wallpapers of mother earth on your desktop. An extensive GUI (GTK) provides a lot of features and settings. Various templates place the planet inside different scenes and make shure your desktop never gets boring again. With realtime light, shadows and clouds!

traGtor is a graphical user interface for the awesome conversion tool ffmpeg. With multi streams, presets, multi language and a lot of other features traGtor is a handy tool for converting all audio and video formats through ffmpeg. traGtor is based on GTK and Python.

Calf studiogear is an extensive and high quality plugin pack for professional audio production under Linux. It provides a lot of synthesizers, effects and signal processing for the use with LV2 audio production suites (like Ardour) or as stand-alone through JACK.

Calf with all of its new features and processors isn't officially released by now so you have to grab the GIT-repository from sourceforge.net until we are ready for a stable release.

» calf.sourceforge.net

guess is a tool to launch (and kill) different setups of programs. It was invented to startup all needed synthesizers, audio suites, MIDI sequencers and stuff with the correct source files on the right desktop for a single audio production with just one click.

xplanetFX - series: Mit xplanetFX ganze Bilderserien erstellen

oRainge Theme: GTK-, GDM-, Metacity-, Icons-Theme

oRainge gDesklets: Sprechende Uhren, Kalender, System-Widgets (manual)

photogen:c SVG-Icons: Diverse High-Quality-Icons im SVG-Format

traffick: Serverumgebungen testen. Durch skalierbares Threading erzeugt traffick Unmengen an Suchanfragen und Webseitenaufrufen, um ein hohes Maß an Vorratsdaten Netzwerkauslastung zu simulieren.

GIMP Plug-In “Moderated Blur” for Tilt Shift and Depth-Of-Field Effects

stuff (de) guess calf traGtor xplanetFX

Calf Studio Gear: New Style „Orange“

Dienstag, den 4. August 2015

Calf_Ring_ModulatorRetro styles FTW! Some of the other styles got a couple of updates, too. And the widgets problems are fixed at last.

traGtor 0.9.2: Bugs With Icons, Window Title

Mittwoch, den 22. Juli 2015
Version 0.9.2:
* Fix message dialog images
* Use real version as window title

Calf Studio Gear: Equalizer Improvements

Donnerstag, den 16. Juli 2015

Calf_Equalizer_8_BandThe equalizer series received a couple of updates:

  • Low shelf, high shelf, low pass and high pass have Q (or resonance) now (see screenshot HS and LP how it affects the response)
  • Handles for low and high pass filters have z-axis (mouse wheel) for Q
  • Handles labels show Q on hovering with mouse
  • More information on low and high pass filters (see sceenshot HP)
  • Labels drawing improved (opaque background, line height and more)

(Please be aware that the user interface of the git version has some flaws actually)

traGtor 0.9.1: Bug with „newaudio“ and „newvideo“

Dienstag, den 30. Juni 2015
Version 0.9.1:
* Try to fix a bug with newer ffmpeg and "newaudio" or "newvideo" option

Calf Studio Gear: Calf Is Styleable – O RLY?

Sonntag, den 28. Juni 2015

O-rly001 Calf - Wood Calf - HybreedSince Calf supports custom styles boring weekends are history it seems .)

There are some minor problems I’m struggling with but mainly everything works fine by now.

MOD: New Graphics

Freitag, den 26. Juni 2015

MOD Graphics with BackgroundAs a new member of the MOD crew my first steps were – surprise, surprise – creating some new graphics for the UI.

Calf Studio Gear: Style Selection

Freitag, den 26. Juni 2015

Calf got a function in preferences to select its style. As a first use case I backported the 0.0.19 style so everyone unhappy with the fresh design can choose to look at ancient times again.

* New: selectable styles
    * 2 initial styles: default (new) and 0.0.19 (old)
    * Default style with slightly changed graphics
    * Lots of style depending values configurable in gtkrc
    * Image_factory generating style-depending pixbufs
    * Real transparency, gtkrc border-radius and bevel for:
      ComboBox, LineGraph, PhaseGraph, LevelMeter, Button,
      ToggleButton, RadioButton
    * Faders images as sprites
    * Lots of bug fixes, layout quirks and rendering improvements
    * Missing: color of line graph vector drawings (background is custom colored though)

Calf Studio Gear: New Design!

Samstag, den 30. Mai 2015

Calf - Equalizer 8 Band

Calf - Tape Simulator

Calf - Transient Designer

Calf - Vintage Delay

Calf - Envelope Filter

But apart from the fresh surface and fancy nipples the equalizer line graph got an update – they show dB, notes, cents and MIDI numbers for handles (I’m hovering the left most handle in the screenshot) and in the cross hair. Oh and not to forget – Q for shelves! See the result in the equalizer screenshot – the most right circular handle is a high shelv with a higher Q. And last not least – we have reliable meter scales now.


xplanetFX 2.6.6: Clouds Working Again!

Freitag, den 29. Mai 2015

After weeks of problems with clouds from the CORAL network I implemented another option to fetch clouds images from today.

Version 2.6.6:
* Implement free download from xplanetclouds.com after trying CORAL
  CDN first

Calf Studio Gear: New Website, New Domain, New Repository

Donnerstag, den 28. Mai 2015

Calf_Studio_Gear_GNU_Linux_Audio_Plug_Ins_IceweaselWe’re proud to introduce our new web „experience“ – a new website with a new domain and a new repository. Unfortunately we lost lots of great reviews, all bugs and feature requests and so on but we couldn’t stand the actual behavior of SourceForge anymore. There was a discussion among us about this topic and today Krzysztof made me aware of this one so we decied it’s time to finally leave SF and to publish the new website in that course.

The most promising solution was GitHub, so we moved the repository over there and we will use its issue system for tickets in the future.


The new website is now available at:


…which is also much faster than the SF webserver. I informed all owners of open bugs but once again: sorry for any inconvenience!

If you are experiencing any problems with the new website feel free to report them here. Thanks in advance.

And please remember to update your Git config to „url = https://github.com/calf-studio-gear/calf.git“!

Hint: This is not what I meant with „what I was working on the last few weeks“ yesterday…