xplanetFX renders high quality wallpapers of mother earth on your desktop. An extensive GUI (GTK) provides a lot of features and settings. Various templates place the planet inside different scenes and make shure your desktop never gets boring again. With realtime light, shadows and clouds!

traGtor is a graphical user interface for the awesome conversion tool ffmpeg. With multi streams, presets, multi language and a lot of other features traGtor is a handy tool for converting all audio and video formats through ffmpeg. traGtor is based on GTK and Python.

Calf studiogear is an extensive and high quality plugin pack for professional audio production under Linux. It provides a lot of synthesizers, effects and signal processing for the use with LV2 audio production suites (like Ardour) or as stand-alone through JACK.

Calf with all of its new features and processors isn't officially released by now so you have to grab the GIT-repository from sourceforge.net until we are ready for a stable release.

» calf.sourceforge.net

guess is a tool to launch (and kill) different setups of programs. It was invented to startup all needed synthesizers, audio suites, MIDI sequencers and stuff with the correct source files on the right desktop for a single audio production with just one click.

xplanetFX - series: Mit xplanetFX ganze Bilderserien erstellen

oRainge Theme: GTK-, GDM-, Metacity-, Icons-Theme

oRainge gDesklets: Sprechende Uhren, Kalender, System-Widgets (manual)

photogen:c SVG-Icons: Diverse High-Quality-Icons im SVG-Format

traffick: Serverumgebungen testen. Durch skalierbares Threading erzeugt traffick Unmengen an Suchanfragen und Webseitenaufrufen, um ein hohes Maß an Vorratsdaten Netzwerkauslastung zu simulieren.

GIMP Plug-In “Moderated Blur” for Tilt Shift and Depth-Of-Field Effects

stuff (de) guess calf traGtor xplanetFX

xplanetFX: update in theme „bulb“

Montag, den 7. März 2011

I extracted the essential parts of „bulb“ and draw new shadows to be more flexible in coloring the background. The result is an update for „bulb“ you can easily get via the update wizard in the tools tab or the themepool directly.

Btw… the theme works best with orbit enabled at an angle of about -70 degrees.

Update: There was a tiny bug in the night style. If you downloaded within the first seconds it was online please reinstall via theme pool.

xplanetFX: new theme „seed“

Sonntag, den 6. März 2011

A template about one of the most energetic and useful plants on earth.

The theme works best with orbit enabled at an angle of about -65 degrees (as it’s recommended for cherry, bulb and christmas theme btw).

Gimmickry with the template capabilities

Montag, den 7. Februar 2011

I played around a bit with different textures – inspired by the new positioning widget. The result is not totally shitty so I upped it to the theme pool. Perhaps it gets adult one day…

xplanetFX 2.1.0: Render a star field on the background

Sonntag, den 30. Januar 2011

The nerd fraction demanded the original star field as the background behind the earth – here it is folks, together with a new theme using this feature by default. Nearly every other theme has an update now, I added the option to disable this feature by default in all themes with overlays and non-spacey backgrounds.

This version comes with a massive cleanup in the home folder – the backgrounds folder is cleaned up on every theme change. Having all themes installed and activated once this could mean about 120 MB of disk space free for more pr0n.

To gain some space for the new feature in the GUI I spent some more graphical stuff with changing icons.

Tipp: test the new feature with the dragon theme.

Version 2.1.0:
* Added new function to render real star maps on the background
  (if post f/x enabled, a little glow is added)
* Added python script to generate contrast-enriched star map from original
  bright stars map @ http://cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/Cat?V/50
* Added cleanup: backgrounds folder is cleaned on every theme change
  (saves up to 120 MB disk space)
* Theme change speedup: only neccessary backgrounds and overlays are copied
  (saves some disk space, too)
* Special f/x buttons have icons now (needed space for stars button)
* Little speedup in post f/x: blurring and composing in one step
* Added SEARCHMAPURL to default config file
* Set LOGGING=1 in default config

xplanetFX: new theme „Milkyway“

Dienstag, den 25. Januar 2011

Tim, the translator of the dutch language file, tipped me over to a fantastic milky way image on wikimedia.org. Thank you a bunch bro! So there’s new fodder for the space style enthusiasts available on the website and in the themepool inside xplanetFX.

xplanetFX: neues Template „Dragon“

Dienstag, den 4. Januar 2011

Gibt was neues auf den Desktop – Ti-Long der Erddrache. Das Motiv gibt’s schon in diversen Variationen, da dachte ich mir… also ist diesmal kein Creative Commons, Urheber/Lizenz konnte ich nicht raus bekommen und der Drache ist auch nachgebaut. Falls sich also jemand angepisst fühlt – Nachricht und ich kratze es wieder weg. Aber das ist wohl erst mal mein Wallpaper für die nächsten Tage.

xplanetFX: neues Theme „Cage“

Montag, den 30. August 2010

Gibt ein neues Theme mit drei Styles – die Erde hinter Gittern mit ein bisschen intellektuellem Durchfall drumrum. Damit sind’s dann insgesamt 24 verschiedene Styles für xplanetFX. Das neue Theme ist übrigens mit Blender gemacht. Und wer sich frägt, wer Wavy Gravy war: einer der wenigen ungelöschten Wikipedia-Artikel – schnell lesen, bevor der auch weg ist.

Und ich habe noch bei fast allen Templates den Übergang zwischen Licht und Schatten noch etwas weicher gemacht, das sah so rough aus.


Nochmal Porthole.

Samstag, den 14. August 2010

Mnja ich weiss es doch… aber da haben sich schon einige Pharmariesen die Zähne dran ausgebissen. Fakt ist: wir alle müssen damit leben.

Porthole hat nochmal mehr Schmiere um die Rosette bekommen und wird gerade auf den Server geschlumpft…