xplanetFX renders high quality wallpapers of mother earth on your desktop. An extensive GUI (GTK) provides a lot of features and settings. Various templates place the planet inside different scenes and make shure your desktop never gets boring again. With realtime light, shadows and clouds!

traGtor is a graphical user interface for the awesome conversion tool ffmpeg. With multi streams, presets, multi language and a lot of other features traGtor is a handy tool for converting all audio and video formats through ffmpeg. traGtor is based on GTK and Python.

Calf studiogear is an extensive and high quality plugin pack for professional audio production under Linux. It provides a lot of synthesizers, effects and signal processing for the use with LV2 audio production suites (like Ardour) or as stand-alone through JACK.

Calf with all of its new features and processors isn't officially released by now so you have to grab the GIT-repository from sourceforge.net until we are ready for a stable release.

» calf.sourceforge.net

guess is a tool to launch (and kill) different setups of programs. It was invented to startup all needed synthesizers, audio suites, MIDI sequencers and stuff with the correct source files on the right desktop for a single audio production with just one click.

xplanetFX - series: Mit xplanetFX ganze Bilderserien erstellen

oRainge Theme: GTK-, GDM-, Metacity-, Icons-Theme

oRainge gDesklets: Sprechende Uhren, Kalender, System-Widgets (manual)

photogen:c SVG-Icons: Diverse High-Quality-Icons im SVG-Format

traffick: Serverumgebungen testen. Durch skalierbares Threading erzeugt traffick Unmengen an Suchanfragen und Webseitenaufrufen, um ein hohes Maß an Vorratsdaten Netzwerkauslastung zu simulieren.

GIMP Plug-In “Moderated Blur” for Tilt Shift and Depth-Of-Field Effects

stuff (de) guess calf traGtor xplanetFX

Mein-Neues-Blog DEB Repository

Samstag, den 7. Februar 2015

Most of the software I provide is available as DEB packages in my personal repository. There’s no third party involved, it’s running exclusively on boomshop.net powered by a self-hacked Pike server. All DEB packages are signed with my GPG key.

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Guitarix: New Cairo Knobs

Freitag, den 17. April 2015

Guitarix_Cairo KnobsThe new Cairo-based knobs arrived.

Guitarix: Playing With Textures…

Donnerstag, den 16. April 2015

Bildschirmfoto - 16.04.2015 - 14:59:26 Bildschirmfoto - 16.04.2015 - 14:59:07Guitarix Wood ThemesTwo new themes – Oak and Burl – while a couple of other experiments were too ugly to keep them.

Guitarix: New Domain!

Mittwoch, den 15. April 2015

The Guitarix website is now available on a new domain:


And on another server of course which is much more responsive than the sourceforge webservers.

Guitarix: Themeing Works

Mittwoch, den 15. April 2015

Guitarix_colorsThemeing (kind of) works.

Guitarix: Going on and on…

Montag, den 13. April 2015

Bildschirmfoto - 13.04.2015 - 02:21:50The actual state.

Guitarix: New Website

Freitag, den 3. April 2015

guitarix_website_1  guitarix_website_2Today the new website for guitarix went online:


The forums got a smaller design update, too.

Calf 0.0.60 Released! And Everyone Was Like *mooooooooooo*

Sonntag, den 29. März 2015

Calf-PartyFinally! Calf 0.0.60 is here! Get out all your party hats and do the moooo style!!1

Release Notes

Just in time for Linux Audio Conference 2015, we are presenting the new 
release of Calf. This release features:

* a large number of new plugins from the Calf Team members and some new 
* technology updates to reflect the evolution of the LV2 plugin 
* many improvements, both in terms of user interface and the plugin 
* bug fixes for the framework and the plugins

Thanks to: jhammen, falkTX, distrozapper, SadKo, David Robillard, Pere 
Ràfols Soler, domohawk, Adrian Knoth, drgreenthumb, Bill Kirkpatrick, 
Wladimir van der Laan and others for all the patches, bug reports, 
testing, investigative work and other valuable contributions.

16 New Plug-Ins:

* Emphasis
* Mono Compressor
* Compensation Delay
* Transient Designer
* Tape Simulator
* X-Over 2 Band
* X-Over 3 Band
* X-Over 4 Band
* Crusher
* Vocoder
* Ring Modulator
* Haas Stereo Enhancer
* Sidechain Limiter
* Reverse Delay
* 30 Band Graphical Equalizer
* Envelope Filter

Updates To Plug-Ins:

* EQ: seamless frequency changes
* EQ: M-S and L/R filters
* EQ: Analyzer and individual filter graphs, zoomable graph
* Multiband devices: Linkwitz-Riley crossovers
* Analyzer: new viewing modes, zoom fader
* Limiters: oversampling
* Sidechain devices with dedicated inputs
* Fluidsynth: dedicated Preset per MIDI channel
* Reverb: increased pre-delay range
* Wavetable: lots of improvements (still considered experimental)
* Vintage Delay: tap tempo button, sync to host
* Monosynth: Unison in OSC2, transpose in OSC1
* Saturator/Exciter/Bass Enhancer: autmatic oversampling
* Transient Designer: filters for envelope detection
* Lots of updates to different UIs

Updates To Rack:

* Connect window
* Plug-in menu with submenus and icons
* Multi column layout

Updates To Framework:

* Seamless bypass
* MIDI control for parameters
* Jack session support
* Automation
* Value entries for all widgets
* Frequency handles in graphs
* Rewrite of line graph (more features, better performance, better api)
* Rewrite of the GTK user interface to get rid of gtk engines
  (everything is drawn in Cairo now)
* Rewrite of knobs for better accuracy
* Design updates in UI
* VU-Meters with dB
* Manuals: better menu, more plug-in descriptions, new design
* Connect window for calfjcakhost
* Check RDF files with Sordi


* Better appearance of plug-ins in Ardour menu
* New icon

Guitarix: Some Progress

Freitag, den 27. März 2015

gx_progress_1gx_progress_2You guys know Sisyphus? Today I fought with a strange problem – I wasn’t able to style widgets in gtkrc files for user interfaces built by Glade. The names given in the UI were set which resulted in “id” attributes for the object-elements in the glade XML. For testing purposes I added a property with the attribute name=”name” and the text node containing the name of the widget to one of the objects and guess what…

I didn’t find any hint about that behavior on the internet. Problem was that editing and saving the files in Glade stripped all those properties again. So finally I wrote a short python script which crawls through all our glade files adding/updating the objects name properties depending on the “id” attribute of the objects element itself.

The screenshots show the actual state. No widgets at all by now but the pure GTK stuff is progressing. Finally we  got rid of the pixmap engine.

Guitarix: New Icons

Dienstag, den 24. März 2015

gx_headThe new program icon arrived. Additionally I reworked the status icons for the lower right corner.

Guitarix: First Steps in Codebase

Montag, den 23. März 2015

Splash GX_Mono_Preamp_Ardour GX_Stereo_Preamp_Ardour guitarix_workinprogressMy weekend was quite productive. As a finger exercise I created a new splash screen and changed the design of the first two LV2 plug-ins – Preamp and Stereo Preamp. After that I started touching the “real” code and introduced the new background tiles and screws. Lots of code is already stripped but still a long way to go as you can see on the quite distored screenshot.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu